Purgatory Creek plays Irish and Americana Roots inspired music. The music of Dee Brust, David Perry, Adam Stemple, and Ann Viviano is four lead vocals, tandem guitars, fiddle, bass, and mandolin to take you to the river, the mine, the mystic, the mountain, the shady grove, and the devil’s backbone.  

The musicians of Purgatory Creek are deeply rooted in the Midwest, having committed years of reckless and musical abandon with bands like The Tim Malloys, Cats Laughing, Boiled in Lead, The Tooles, Tramps and Hawkers, SisterTree, Rumgumption, Lilting Banshees, Borderlands, and countless music circles, jams, and auspicious moments. Their music travels from Nashville to Belfast, with stops in between for blues, folk, country, bluegrass, Celtic, and rock. 

Meet the Band: