Dee has always sought music and kindred spirits to balance and fulfill her wide-open heart. Having performed and recorded with children’s choirs as a youth, Dee can be found nowadays entertaining at historical reenactments and cultural exhibitions such as Celtic and International Fairs, Fur Trade Rendezvous and History Festivals, the MN Renaissance Festival, parks and nature centers, churches, Irish pubs, parking ramps, Tot Carnivals, classrooms, and best of all, Bedtime. As a language teacher with five children of her own to entertain nightly, she wants the wee ones to know that part of a happy adult life involves adventures in singing your heart out. Dee’s percussive guitar, meandering mandolin, and sparkling vocal lines weave her unique expression into the grand tapestry of music that is at the heart of every moment.  Find her overtures like sugarplums dropped in the forest.

“Charming like a sprite in the early morning dawn, with fresh laughter, beautiful voice and honest smile…” —Live Alive

“Dee has an engaging sound all her own; the warmth of her home comes out in her music and draws you in.” —Shawn McBurnie, MN Arts and Humanities Grant recipient