Ann is a dedicated and versatile adventurer in all her many pursuits. Whether fiddling, singing, all season-all terrain camping, accounting, mixing fabulous cocktails, or cherishing her family, Ann is all in and up for it. From the bluff country of the Driftless to her travels around the wide world, Ann has picked up and reveled in the strains and flourishes of traditional, old time, bluegrass, classics, and creates a driving, playful, improvisational dimension in music unique to her chemistry and assertions. Bejeweled and bedecked with gems and early morning dew, Ann is as likely to be on a corporate jet or schmoozing at a Michelin star restaurant as she is to be hauling pea gravel to improve the drainage around her foundation or rescuing a swan carcass on a paddleboard for a necropsy. Just let the working woman outside! A truly multifaceted, homespun and expansive individual, our Miss Ann is beloved in all her circles.